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Best Soundbar For 55 Inch Tv

Best Soundbar For 55 Inch Tv

Best Soundbar For 55 Inch Tv: With the advancement in technology, we see many different types of televisions in the market these days. With so many choices it can sometimes be hard to choose the perfect product for yourself. Not all of these TVs provide good quality audio which is why it is important to purchase a soundbar for more of a cinematic experience at home.

Many different types of soundbars are currently available. In this article, you will get a detailed review of the most widely used soundbars for TV. This will help you enjoy watching your movies at home with your family.

What to look for in a soundbar for 55 inch TV?

Before you buy a soundbar you must keep in mind the following features that will make it a lot easier for you to choose the best quality product for yourself.

1. Subwoofer

When you are getting a soundbar you must make sure that it comes with a well-integrated subwoofer. Subwoofers are dedicated to producing low frequency audio. These subwoofers are ideal for watching action movies with your family. No matter where you sit in the room the quality of sound will be amazing.

I found a bar that comes with a well-developed subwoofer that will greatly add more fun to listen to music or watch movies. Most people like watching action movies or thriller movies before using a sound but it comes with a subwoofer. Most of the latest soundbars come with complete wireless connected subwoofers so that it becomes more convenient for you to use them.

However, some cases require you to purchase the subwoofer separately for better performance. Most of the powerful subwoofers deliver sofa shaking frequencies. The soundbars mostly come with a power of 200 W.

2. Size of the soundbar

Another great thing that you must keep in mind is the size of the soundbar because it will greatly influence its usage in the long run. If you have a small living room then it will be completely pointless to purchase a large-sized soundbar as it will be difficult to place it at a safe location in the room.

The best thing to do is take the measurements of your living room and then find the soundboard that fits perfectly in the room without making everything closely packed and congested. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that sound you are getting is the same width as your television because it will also help provide better performance.

3. Connectivity options

The soundbar you get your providing multiple connectivity options so that connecting it to the television doesn’t become a problem which you can see in the soundbars that provide very limited connectivity options. Therefore when you are purchasing a soundbar make sure that it provides a reliable and stable wireless connectivity option, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI, optical port, and USB port connectivity.

However, to connect the soundbar to the television you will require an HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC. These provide the most stable connectivity and you will hardly face any disconnections. Most people however prefer using the wireless connectivity option because it does not cover up the space with extra cables and keeps everything looking neat and clean.

4. Power

Another very important thing to look for while purchasing a soundbar is its power. If the soundbar doesn’t come with sufficient power then you will not be able to use it in the long run. After multiple usages, it will show connectivity problems or will not provide good sound quality and you will greatly be disappointed. Therefore the ideal soundbar is the one that comes with a power of 150 watts to 200 watts.

5. Channels and Dolby Atmos

Channels and Dolby Atmos is another very important factor to look for when purchasing a soundbar. Most good quality soundbars come with three channels that are left channel, right channel, and Centre. It helps provide dialogue clarity. A soundbar mostly has three numbers 2.1, 3.1, and 5.1 but if it has another number like 5.1.4 then it means that the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos. The Atmos is a very popular sound technology that provides super clear sound making it a lot more fun to listen to your favorite music.

6. Bluetooth

These days most people prefer using wireless soundbars because of their better sound quality and performance. Most of the latest soundbars support Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to stream their favorite music from their smartphones or computers directly without any difficulty. Therefore the most ideal purchase would be a soundbar that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Best Soundbar For 55 Inch Tv Review

Following is a list of the best soundbar for 55 inch TV:

1. YAMAHA YAS-209BL Soundbar

Best Soundbar For A 55 Inch Tv

When it comes to purchasing a soundbar that provides the most stable wireless connectivity then your choice should be the YAMAHA YAS-209BL soundbar. It has been very popular in the market for its amazing features and overall performance is superb. It is one of the best mid-range soundbars. It comes in a very attractive slim design with mini LED indicators present on the top that improve the overall functionality of the soundbar.

The installation process is very easy and requires only a few minutes that save your time and provide easy setup. The remote control works perfectly fine and consists of specific buttons to guide you through different functions and modes of the soundbar. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like using the remote control then you can use the built-in Alexa voice control to access different features of the soundbar.

The best part about getting the soundbar is that it is very budget friendly so that most people can easily purchase it. You can easily place it near the TV and enjoy using it. The wireless subwoofer provides a very detailed listening experience. The built in quality is very reliable. The subwoofer will automatically connect with the soundbar and provide rich quality deep bass sound. It adds more life to the music you are listening to or the movie you are watching. The 3D surround sound effect provides a very thrilling experience ideal for watching thriller and action movies.


  • It comes with a wireless subwoofer.
  • This soundbar provides a built in Alexa voice control.
  • The sound quality is loud and clear.
  • It provides the best speech enhancement feature.
  • The Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity is super reliable.


  • It doesn’t provide an on-screen display.


Best Sound Bar To Buy For A Tv

Another high-quality soundbar with a wireless subwoofer is the YAMAHA YAS-207BL. It is also the best choice for those users who like to do gaming. It can easily be connected to gaming consoles hence elevating your gaming experience to whole another level. It is the first YAMAHA soundbar that provides the DTS:X audio format that provides consistent rich sound quality which makes the listening experience super enjoyable.

The Bluetooth connectivity is ideal on this soundbar. It also provides HDMI, USB, and optical cable connectivity. You can either use the remote control option or use the Alexa support to access the different modes and features of the soundbar. The sound quality is very versatile and appealing.

The dialogue delivery is very clear and easy to understand which is why watching movies becomes a fun experience using this soundbar with the 55 inch TV. Most people have also enjoyed using it for listening to podcasts and found this soundbar to be very effective. Steaming your favorite music, podcasts or movies becomes super easy while using this soundbar. It has rarely disappointed its users.

As far as the design is concerned it is very traditional and provides an elegant look to it. The sleek design is very aesthetically pleasing so that you can easily place the soundbar next to the TV in your living room. Hence considering all its unique features this soundbar is one of the best choices for a 55 inch TV.


  • It provides excellent audio quality.
  • The design is very elegant and attractive.
  • It doesn’t occupy much space and can be placed anywhere in the room.
  • This soundbar provides bass rich sound quality.


  • It doesn’t provide WiFi playback support.

3. JBL Bar 5.0

Best Budget Soundbar For 55 Inch Tv

JBL Bar 5.0 is one good quality soundbar that comes with the Dolby Virtual Atmos. It comes with multi-beam technology that provides an immersive listening experience to its users. The sound coming from the soundbar doesn’t blend with the surrounding noise which helps provide clear audio quality. It comes with Dolby Atmos which is an ideal feature for delivering excellent performance and realistic sound quality.

It provides two HDMI ports one input and one eARC output port. It also provides a USB port. There is richness in the sound produced by the soundbar that you can listen to each dialogue that is being delivered in the movie. Whether you are sitting close to the TV or away from it you will get the best listening experience from all sides of the room. As far as the size is concerned this soundbar is large. So if you are someone who has a large sized living room but a limited budget then you should consider purchasing the JBL Bar 5.0 soundbar.


  • It is a good quality large sized soundbar.
  • It comes with Dolby Virtual Atmos.
  • The sound quality is rich with deep bass.


  • It has poor dynamic expressions.

4. Sony HT-ST5000

Best Sound Bar For 55 Inch Tv

If you are in search of a soundbar that takes up less space and also delivers sophisticated sound quality then you should get your hands on the Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. This high quality soundbar is a worthy investment for providing entertainment to you and your family. It comes with a well integrated subwoofer.

It also comes with a display that shows you the input you are using or makes it easier to do volume control. It provides more detailed adjustments. It is very simple and easy to set up this Sony soundbar.

It provides three HDCP 2.2 inputs that greatly support 4K and one HDMI output. The user will also get one optical input, USB port, and 3.5mm jack. The best part about this soundbar is that it allows the users to stream music through wireless connections without any errors. Now you can listen to your favorite songs on the smartphone, tablet, or computer by connecting them to the soundbar through wireless connectivity.


  • It comes with a well integrated subwoofer.
  • The sound quality is detailed and clear.
  • It provides a deep bass.


  • The remote control needs improvement.

5. LG SK9Y

Best Soundbar

If you want the best quality sound for watching movies on your 55 inch TV then get the LG SK9Y soundbar. It is one of the best rated soundbars for 55 inch TV and has rarely disappointed its users. It comes with a built in chrome cast so that you can watch your favorite YouTube videos in 4K on the TV.

The sound quality is excellent as the soundbar comes with Dolby Atmos. It provides a rich sound quality hence elevator your listening experience. It produces the best vocals. It is also an ideal choice for those users who have a limited budget.

It can easily support audio up to 192kHz. You can also connect the soundbar to wireless speakers if you want to upgrade. It can be connected to SPK8-S Wireless speakers. Many users have also enjoyed using this soundbar for gaming purposes. It can easily be connected to the gaming console and the set up is super easy.


  • It provides high resolution audio.
  • This soundbar provides the best quality vocals.
  • The mid range sound is excellent.


  • It only provides DTS 5.1.

Final word

Buying a best soundbar for 55 inch TV can greatly elevate the listening experience hence making it a lot more fun entertainment to enjoy watching different movies at home. By going through this article you will find it easier to purchase the most suitable soundbar for 55 inch TV for your home.